PrivaSphere Sign & Send - qualified digital signing and secure sending

PrivaSphere Sign & Send - qualified digital signing and secure sending

Legally signed and securely transmitted - all from one source - digitize your processes with Sign & Send from PrivaSphere - the accredited delivery platform for electronic legal transactions - without media breaks and in a secure way.With the integration of the Swisscom Signing Service, digital documents such as submissions, orders, judgements and other official documents are digitally signed in a qualified manner and are legally and bindingly signed according to Swiss law (ZertES).With PrivaSphere Secure Messaging your digital correspondence is sent securely and reliably.



Download of an example letter signed with PrivaSphere Sign & Send:


Validation report for a qualified electronic signaturedeemed equivalent to a handwritten signature inaccordance with the ESigA and Art. 14 para. 2bis CO.





Identification is possible in many Swisscom shops.
Currently: Canton Fribourg, ZH Airport, Bern Main Station Other Swisscom Shops will follow shortly.
Please ask the Swisscom Shop in your area.

An overview of Swisscom stores where identification is available can be found here:

Swisscom: Locations for registration authorities in your area


All you need for identification is a valid identity document (passport or ID card) and a mobile phone in order to accept the service and trigger your signature in future. We recommend that you activate your Mobile ID before you visit the Swisscom Shop. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary processes with password and SMS codes. You can activate the Mobile ID free of charge within a short time at, provided you are using a Mobile ID-compatible SIM card.

Identification by a PrivaSphere employee is also possible. Please ask our sales team for more information ( 

For a limited time, there is also the possibility of video-identification.

  • CHF 10.- credit on PrivaSphere account (at least for current month, in the first month CHF 1.- for MobileID)
    The free starting credit of CHF 10 cannot be used for this service.
  • PDF to be signed, which is < 10 MB in size.


In General:

For the sending as electronic legal correspondence must:

  • the submission must be sent via a recognised platform (PrivaSphere Secure Messaging)
  • the submission must contain at least one PDF document, which is qualified digitally signed
  • the mailing as an 'eGov registered mail' to an 'identified' recipient (usually an authority or court)



  • The qualified signatures of the «Swisscom Signing Service» are used
  • These are "qualified" in the sense of the ZertES signature law
  • Two signatures can be created in the process. For this, all signers must meet the requirements above
  • The signature can be freely placed on the PDF document (with the mouse).



Registration on PrivaSphere Secure Messaging

Activation of the MobileID

(if your SIM is not MobileID-enabled: App «Mobile ID» of Swisscom (iOS/Android) - oder SMS-MobileID Verfahren)

Preparation for issuing a qual. digital signature  

All-in Signing Service für digitale Signaturen Identification with Swisscom RA agent (with app)

02.04.2020 - new: adoption "Verordnung über Zertifizierungsdienste im Bereich der elektronischen Signatur und anderer Anwendungen digitaler Zertifikate (Verordnung über die elektronische Signatur, VZertES)":
Art. 7a Befreiung von der Pflicht zum persönlichen Erscheinen während der COVID-19-Pandemie)

Activation of the MobileID logins:


In your PrivaSphere account, enter the mobile number of the MobileID you are using. To do so, use the same MobileID that you used to register your qualified signature.Save the settings.

Afterwards you can also log into the PrivaSphere account with the Afterwards you can also log into the PrivaSphere account with the MobileID.


Nationality of the signatory

Enter your nationality in your PrivaSphere account according to your passport / ID - just as it was used for identification for the qualified signature.Confirm the entry with 'Save'.



Use the same signature in multiple PrivaSphere accounts

For senders who have multiple mail identities (multiple PrivaSphere accounts), it is possible to store and use the qualified AIS signature in multiple accounts.

Just enter your mobile number in your PrivaSphere account under "My account" - "Settings" - "SMS".
Afterwards the signature can be used with authentication method chosen while register the qualified AIS signature (MobileID on SIM or App, by password/SMS).

Login to the PrivaSphere account via MobileID is only possible in one account per MobileID (mobile number).



Use of an own image in the signature

You can upload your own picture in the settings. This image will appear in the digital signature. This can be a company logo or a scanned signature, for example.

You will find the option under 'My account' - 'eGov/Registered'.



The image is now displayed in the signed PDF document in the signature.

Attention: The legally valid signature on the PDF document is the qualified digital signature - not the image signature. The original document is the PDF file.


With PrivaSphere Secure Messaging it is possible to sign PDF files attached to confidential and registered emails with a qualified digital signature.

  • Signature on multiple PDF files possible
  • Double signature possible

Creation of a new e-mail:Log in Write your confidential e-mail and attach the desired PDF files as attachments.


Continue with 'Prepare to send'.Select the document(s) to be signed by clicking on the pen symbol:

Use either your email address or another one for signing from (1). If necessary, a second signature ("+") can be added. Select the desired dispatch type (2):

Then press "Send confidential".

You will now find the prompt for the signature in your account. Click on the file name. If you have requested a second signature, the signatory will be asked to sign.



The document to be signed is now displayed.



The signature can now be placed with the mouse and the size can also be changed.



A MobileID request appears on the mobile phone, which must be confirmed with the PIN to release the digital signature.



For customers with MobileID and SMS authentication, a new window (or link) will open and switch to the Swisscom signing service. Enter your password and confirm with the code received by SMS.

Your PDF file will then be digitally signed and sent.

For «(eGov) Registered Mails» the delivery time will be a few moments after the signature time of the last signature.

This signature can be verified in PDF programs - in eGov registered mail, the verification report from is attached to the submissions.

The recipient of an eGov registered mail will only be able to read it after he/she has identified him/herself to the platform.

More information: Absatz 6 der Ziffer 7 des Kriterienkataloges vom 16. Sept. 2014

eGov identified users and authorities are listed in the directory of participants of the Federal Office of Justice (BJ).


If you have a "PrivaSphere Sign & Send" qualified signature, the identification can be done easily with a few clicks.


Open "My account" - "account settings" - "eGov / Registered" (1):

Click on "Identification for receiving of eGov Registered eMails" (2)


Click on the identification document link in the green message:


Sign this document with "PrivaSphere Sign & Send" Service.



Afterwards your PrivaSphere account is identified and activated for electronic legal transactions.


The confirmation is sent to PrivaSphere and you will find a copy in your outbox.


This identification corresponds to the requirements of the catalogue of criteria in point 7.6:
"Requirements for platforms for secure delivery in the context of legal procedures (List of Criteria Delivery Platforms)" (in German only)

Launch price until 31.12.2020:

PrivaSphere Sign & Send: CHF 9.- (excl. VAT) per month and user account

(a started calendar month is charged as a whole month, the triggering of the first signature per month is decisive)

For sending see the applicable prices: Abo- and PrePay-Prices.