Secure Messaging for SMEs / law firms / notaries

Is reliable and secure communication over the Internet important to you? PrivaSphere Secure Messaging is the solution to protect your online communications. With PrivaSphere Secure Messaging you can send your e-mails and documents securely over the internet. Misroutings are excluded. And without the need to install software or hardware - instantly and securely.

Confidential or Registered

Important transmission and valuable information require a secure exchange.

With PrivaSphere Secure Messaging, you protect your information all the way to the recipient. Securely encrypted and authenticated.

In addition, the registered PrivaSphere e-mail offers the additional protection of a binding digital time stamp, a signed proof copy as well as the logging by means of delivery, pickup, revocation or acceptance denial receipt in PDF form.

With the registered e-mail service from PrivaSphere users can proof the exact time of the outgoing mail without installation and send registered e-mails immediately and securely.

Transmissions to authorities and courts are also possible.

Industry specific needs

  • Available everywhere
  • Data in Switzerland
  • ISO 27'001: 2013 certified
  • Out of the box
  • No installation (HW / SW)
  • Secure accessibility (form)
  • Integration into e-mail system possible
  • Recognized for the communication with courts and authorities