Secure Messaging for Large corporations / NGOs

Internationally active companies are exchanging more and more data in a digital way.
An incorrect delivery or inspection by unauthorized third parties can have serious consequences for you and your customers. If the proof of shipping, delivery time and authenticity of documents are important to you, we have the solution for you.

Application Integration

Not only documents need to be exchanged safely and reliably across company boundaries. These include, for example, ERP or CRM systems, accounting, production planning and control, support, documentation, design (CAD), human resources, etc. While many of these systems have an interface to e-mail programs, generated files often contain information that is confidential too or simply too big for unencrypted e-mail sending. Through the automation and integration possibilities of PrivaSphere, you have the possibility that these systems will send encrypted, reliable and without size restrictions to any recipient files and messages. And this without the need for prerequisites on the receiving side. It provides a standard interface for the deep integration of PrivaSphere Secure Messaging into existing applications. PrivaSphere Secure Messaging enables the automated secure and confidential shipping of salary receipts, orders, order confirmations, account statements, spare parts descriptions, etc.

Industry specific needs

  • Available everywhere
  • Data in Switzerland
  • ISO 27'001: 2013 certified
  • Out of the box
  • No installation (HW / SW)
  • Secure availability (form)