Secured correspondance

Provide your clients the possibility of asking you a question via eMail, send confidential documents immediately – it will be transmitted to you spontaneously and securely.


The secure contact form allows your contacts without registration to send you information securely. This makes it very easy for the sender.
However, as a recipient you must be aware that the sender is not authenticated.
You have no guarantee that the sender is who he claims to be.
Therefore PrivaSphere additionally writes in the subject of the message: "via Secure Contact Me".

Recipient-paid secure eMail

  1. Adapt your preferences and activate the option in ‘My Account’ – ‘Secure contact’
  2. Integrate the Secure Contact Link in your website, in your mail footer or on your business card.

The link looks like

Add a secure contact logo


Activation: Activate your Secure Contact Form

Photo/Logo: Upload your photo or logo and display it in your "Secure Contact Me" form. Supported formats are gif and jpg; max. 50 KB – best results with height of approx. 100px – and width up to 500px and 72dpi

Hyperlink: insert the URL of your companies homepage (including ). When clicking on the logo, the user is taken to this web-page.

Text: Short description which is displayed along with the logo

Hide e-mail address: e-mail address will not be shown on the contact form

Hide Name: Name will not be shown on the contact form

Spam Protection: a Spam protection (graphical text) will be displayed. A sender has to type it in a field.

Your secure contact address: shows the link of the Secure Contact Form (e.g.

Contact Form with fields: there is an Option to Show predefined fields:

More settings:

To define the display language different to the account setting, use the additional command "?lang=". The arguments are "de" (German), "en" (English), "fr" (French), "it" (Italian).

Example for Italian:

In addition it is also possible to pre-fill the "From:", "Subject" and the "Body":

From: "&from="
Subject: "&subject="
Body: "&body="


Integrate the link in your own Web-Site

Integrate it into your plaintext mail signature

Publish the link as 2D Barcode on your business card or flyer

In your profile PrivaSphere generates a 2D barcode for publishing on your business card, your flyers or other material.

This 2D barcode can be scanned with smart phones and opens immediately your Secure Contact Form.

You will find the 2D barcode in 'My Account' - 'Secure Contact' - 'QR-Code for Smart-phones'. 

More information about the 2D barcodes:

Secure Contact Form with hidden name and address and spam protection:

Structured Secure Contact Forms


On request structured Secure Contact Forms are available.

We provide several types:

Structured forms with fields (including several input checks)


eGov Form

Structured Secure Contact Forms for eGov use.

This includes checks as simple field checks, signature checks for uploaded digitally signed pdf attachments and signature validation reports provided by the  Federal Office of Justice.


Tribunale d'appello - Tribunale cantonale delle assicurazioni
Repubblica e Cantone Ticino

Elektronische Eingabe an das Obergericht des Kantons Thurgau

Strafgericht des Kantons Zug

If you are interested in further branding (including own URL and SSL certificates), - see as an example or further input-checks, please contact us:

see also:

Check on secure Contact Form:

  • If the recipient email address is visible, make absolutely sure that this is the legitimate e-mail address of this person - for example contact the recipient out-of-band.
  • Check whether the recipient's web-page or business card has a link referring to here.
  • Furthermore, please ensure that your are on the correct site and that you do not leave unwanted traces on the machine from which you are sending this.

You certainly know the problem of mailing a link to a recipient who then complains because in transit, a line-break was entered or alike and your recipient only sees a 404 error (

There is a variety of unencrypted link shorteners available freely.

For certain purposes, e.g. due to your obligation for data protection, it is recommendable not to use them because

  • the databases might be in institutions that are not certified / audited by institution amenable to your own jurisdiction
  • due to the unencrypted nature of your HTTP response and the corresponding service responses - anybody along the route your request IP packets take can observe/record/correlate/... what exactly you do.

How does this work?

Just login, go to your Contact Form and at the bottom, add your link.

Short Link

  • a quite short available random link will be proposed - you can overwrite this with some meaningful string, but it might already be taken.
  • the string may only contain 7bit/US-ASCII non whitespace, no special characters - e.g. 'JohnDoe'. Additionally 'underscore' i.e. '_' is allowed.

Long Link

The long link allows more character types as your long URIs "in the wild" also have a lot more, but to avoid attacks also there, not everthing is allowed.

The long link can contain request parameters - e.g.:ü...%2C%0D%0Aabc

Further hints:

How may it looks like?

       is equivalent to


To make the best out of your PrivaSphere Secure Contact form, we suggest you combine our short link with some required fields and input checks - see the following example:


If you expect to add multiple short-links per day, you might want to add a Brower-Bookmark with your eMail address in.
(use your own email address instead of "")

Moderate use

To avoid loads affecting our other services - this service is only designed for moderate use, not for publication in media with a wide reach - so:

  • PrePay users add up to 20 links per day - owners of a subscription can go higher.
  • Up to 50 lookups per link and day.

If you wish to use this PrivaSphere Service beyond the described limits, please contact us

See also:

Create and manage contacts online and send messages to them without misstyping their eMail addresses.

See also:

Reach recipients with encryption such as S/MIME or PGP/GPG even if you do not have PGP software installed or if you do not own a S/MIME certificate yourself.

  • Upload a valid public key of your recipient
  • In this case, no MUCs will be needed.
  • We recommend activating your 'secure contact formto ease replying to your recipient.
  • It is your responsibility to remove the key once it is invalid or compromised.
  • Once your recipient enrolls himself to the service platform, the key you uploaded for him will no longer be used, but s/he will be served according to the recipient preferences set.
  • For electronic registered secure eMail, this feature is not available. You will have to look up the MUC from the sent message if needed.

see also:

You may prefer to agree with your recipient on a personal, repeated MUC. This convenience option reduces the security of your secure exchanges.

This feature is only available as long as your recipient has not registered with this service.

The minimum length of a pre-defined MUC is 5, the maximum 20 characters.

PrivaSphere recommends that after the recipient has become familiar with the system, motivate him/her to fully register for best security.


Set the predefined Message Unlock Code (MUC = one time password) in a saved contact:


For "security-experienced subscribers", PrivaSphere Secure Messaging offers the function 'set-MUC' in the web interface. This allows to supress or define a MUC in the sending process. To enable this function please contact our sales representatives (

see also:

PrivaSphere delivers all incoming eMails as enrypted PDF files to the recipent. Just configure the service in 'My Account' - 'delivery':

  • Set a password (>20 characters) ans press 'safe'.
    Pressing 'Generate' will generate a good random password for you.

All incoming emails will be forwarded as attached encrypted PDF files. The PDF is encrypted with at least 128-Bit RC4 encryption (symmetric) and can be opened with a password.

PrivaSphere Registered Secure eMails™ and PrivaSphere™ eGov Registered Secure eMails are sent as encrypted PDF after acceptance in the web interface.

To switch the function off, just press the trash icon and press 'save'.

(The function 'email delivery as PDF' is switched off if the option 'supress notification' is active in the 'POP setup')

see also:

Als Prepay – Nutzer können Sie Ihre Kommunikationspartner generell für den Verkehr mit Ihnen sponsoren, sobald diese auf PrivaSphere ein Empfangspasswort besitzen.

Wenn Sie eine ähnliche Funktionalität bei einem Abonnement wünschen, so kontaktieren Sie uns bitte.

Wie funktioniert es:

Gehen Sie unter zu "Meine Kontakte" und aktivieren Sie das Sponsoring.

Auch Ihre Kommunikationspartner können somit von Ihren Volumenrabatten bzw. SIK-Konditionen profitieren.

Um den Status des Sponsoring für einen Kontakt zu erfahren, öffnen Sie den entsprechenden Kontakt. Sponsoring kann auch hier wieder gelöscht werden.

Alternativ wird der Status auch beim Drücken von 'sp' angezeigt - sofern der Kontakt schon gesponsort ist.

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