Encrypted download icons

Download as encrypted PDF file

If in 'My Account' - 'Save Option' the Option 'Save as .pdf file' is active, the functions 'save as .pdf' and 'save as encrypted .pdf' are available.

To download your message, including all attachments, press 'save as encrypted .pdf' - enter a good password (min. 3 - reccomended 16 characters) - and you can downloade the encrypted pdf file (128-Bit RC4) to your local machine.


Download as encrypted ZIP file

If the eMail contains attachment(s) - the option 'download encrypted .zip' is available.

To download all attachments - including the mail body as text file - in encrypted form, press 'save as encrypted .zip' - enter a good password (min. 3 - reccomended 16 characters) - and you can downloade the encrypted zip file (AES256 deflate) to your local machine.

This ZIP files can be opened with sevral ZIP applications as WinZIP or 7-ZIP - unfortunately the Windows File Explorer is not able to handle encrypted zip files.


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PrivaSphere fokussiert sich auf "sichere Übertragung" und ergänzt sein Angebot für die Aufbewahrung nach Verfall  mit spezialisierten Archivierungsangeboten wie Swisscom Docsafe.

Die Swisscom ermöglicht es Privatanwendern gratis beliebige Dokumente in DocSafe aufzubewahren. So könnte z.B. ein PrivaSphere Nutzer seine sicheren Meldungen mit einem sicheren Zweit-Pop3s-Konto im Mailprogramm  herunterladen und diese lokalen Meldungen in den DocSafe hochladen.

Da solche manuelle Umspeicherung von Ihrem lokalen Gerät zu Docsafe aufwändig werden kann, bietet PrivaSphere zusammen mit Swisscom die Automatisierung dieser Dienstleistung an.

Vorgehen zur Aktivierung

  • loggen Sie in Swisscom Docsafe ein
  • Wählen Sie unter 'Firmen' PrivaSphere aus
  • klicken Sie auf "... auf dem Online Portal PrivaSphere bestellen"
  • Sie werden zum Login von PrivaSphere geführt
  • Loggen Sie mit Ihrer eMail Adresse und Ihrem Passwort auf PrivaSphere ein
  • Akzeptieren Sie Swisscom Docsafe als Speicherort für Ihre vertraulichen eMails
  • Nun werden die ein und ausgehenden vertraulichen eMails von PrivaSphere in Docsafe als digital signierte PDF Dateien abgelegt.
  • Sie können diese PDF Dateien mit dem 'Viewer' in Docsafe oder Adobe Acrobat Reader anschauen.


Kosten: Die ersten 200 Einlieferungen sind gratis, darüber kostet es 5 Rappen bzw. nach Vereinbarung (allfällig Mengenrabatte).


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PrivaSphere saves all confidential emails securely to your SecureSafe Account.

SecureSafe protects your digital documents, guards your passwords and lets you access and manage them at any time, thus guaranteeing maximum security. View or retrieve your data via a web browser, iPhone or iPad.

You can preserve your data for the future with our unique DataInherit function. With DataInherit, you can easily assign beneficiaries to your digital assets in the event that something should happen to you. This will preserve your digital assets for you, your family or your partners.

For more information about SecureSafe and the terms applying for this service, see:



  • Save your secure emails in your long-term and highly secure online storage
  • All mails are saved as digitally signed PDF files, including attachments and delivery details – with protected integrity and saving time


  • Registered PrivaSphere user
  • Registered SecureSafe user

To configure the long-term and highly secure online storage service go to ‘My Account’ – ‘Storage’

Click on ‘Register at SecureSafe’ – you will be redirected to the registration screen of SecureSafe.

Register at SecureSafe according to its fields.

As username your email address is suggested. Finish the registration process.

Fill in your username in the PrivaSphere SecureSafe setting screen and press ‘save’.

After finishing the SecureSafe registration and configuring the PrivaSphere Storage all your sent and received (after first reading) secure emails are stored in your SecureSafe as digitally signed and time stamped PDF file.

You can view these files in your browser on SecureSafe or download it to your computer locally.

When planning to use SecureSafe for your legally required archival of PrivaSphere Secure Messaging contents, it is your own responsibility to validate the applicability and compliance for your specific regulatory obligations.


For more information about SecureSafe see:

For more Information about "Digital preservation" see:

Wikipedia (English):

Wikipedia (German):


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PrivaSphere/SecureSafe long-term and highly secure online storage is not available for the ‘PrivaSphere free’ Mode.